sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2008


Mandy used to be that girl
the one that never said a word
but she only sang S-Club 7 and all those boy bands
now its been a few years and looks like things have changed
now shes mine and I wanna say

mandy always laughs when I act stupid
I am unaware that I'm a nuisence
with her it's never wasted time

mandy always knows exactly what I'm thinking
and shes always on my mind and I'm
never gonna let her go
cause mandy always knows

mandy always tells the truth
even when its hard to do
and she always understands
even when it don't make sense
even though she is the blonde
I'm the one that feels so dumb


When I have a problem
I'm sure that Mandy knows
When I'm feeling lonely
I'm sure that Mandy knows
When everythings crazy
She's always there for me
And I'm sure that she knows
I'm never ever gonna let her go.


Cause Mandy Always
[never gonna let her go]
cause mandy always knows.

Se que no he posteado, pero
porq ya no charlamos como antes?
ahora desde q tienes guitarhero, a mandyramone, y plantas nuevas,
ya ni me dices naaadaaaaa :C

Esta bien pues...... seguire posteando
Escuche esta cancion, q me agrada , y pues me qeude pensando en eso...

ta bueno pues, continuan los post

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La Hija del Don dijo...

Cause you're such a nuisance‼ Jajaja tienes razón, ya hace falta!

No leí toda la lyric porque me dio weba! A verdaaaa? XD

Un abrazote chico de los chidos pelos! Debo decir que me gustó mucho este post!